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Akashic Readings

When you can’t find resolution to your challenges, it’s time to look at the spiritual reasons for what you are experiencing.  In a AH/SC session I connect with higher guidance found in the Akashic Records and map out a plan of healing for you.  Other tools I use are, past life regression, the tree of life, wounded inner child therapy, chakra balancing, aura clearing, and healing family patterns._x000D_ This kind of healing will bring deeper meaning to your life and empower you to see your circumstances from a broader perspective. You will feel more compassion for yourself and see the wisdom in the path your life has taken so far.  A typical session is 1.5 hours._x000D_  _x000D_  

Akashic Reading with Patty Shaw

Akashic Reading with Patty Shaw

Akashic Healing/Spiritual Counseling_x000D_ When you can't find resolution to your challenges, it's ..

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