Capri Blue Soy Candles

Capri Blue has always been known for outstanding fragrances and quality. Using artisan methods to hand pour each candle, they honor the traditions of candle makers of generations past. Their unique super-refined, food grade soy wax formulation absorbs more fragrance oil than any other natural candle wax in the marketplace. This blend allows their candles to burn clean and strong, lasting up to twice as long as normal candles and perfuming any space with the finest of fragrances._x000D_ And because it matters to them, they use sustainable and recycled materials whenever possible in their products. From the recycled glass vessels to the recycled steel lids, their Signature Jars are a true answer to the reuse and recycle concept.  Each of their glass vessels can be repurposed for household use as storage containers, vases or even luminaries with votives or tea lights.

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