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Reiki One certification includes your attunment, instructions for giving a Reiki treatment, self care now that you are a practitioner, manual and certificate.  Being attned to Reiki energy gives you the ability to share healing energy with anyone. It’ll bring peace, manage pain and promote all kinds of healing.  

The Dharma Room
195 W. 9 Mile Road, Suite 106
Ferndale, MI 48220

10:00 am to 12:30 pm - $110.00


Reiki Two certification includes, learning reiki symbols and how to use them in a treatment, long distance healing, manual and certificate.

195 W. 9 Mile Road, Suite 106
Ferndale, MI 48220

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm - $150.00





Ferndale Reiki Share

Every Third Sunday 4 pm - 6 pm



The focus of our Reiki share is to provide a space for Reiki practitioners to network and share much needed Reiki treatments. Come to get pampered and practice your Reiki too.                  

Our Ferndale Reiki Share is the third Sunday of the month from 4 pm to 6 pm in the Dharma Room, 195 W 9 Mile suite 106, Ferndale. This reiki share is for reiki practitioners all is needed is a Reiki one certification. Please come and share Reiki with us.  Sponsored by Candle Wick Shoppe. 175 W Nine Mile, Ferndale MI 248-547-2987.

CWS reiki article pic.jpg use with all article postsWhat are Energetic (Etheric) Cords?

By Natalie Stoner, Reiki Master

Many people are not aware of the existence of energetic cords, though they have experienced positive and negative cord connections throughout their lives. Etheric cords are established between two people who are connected to one another in any number of ways; through family bonds, friendship, romantic partnerships, sexual interactions, or any other close or intense relationship. They are a way of rapidly sharing information, emotions, and other energetic communication. These invisible energy attachments can be useful and can help establish a deeper feeling of connectedness between two people. However, sometimes a relationship and its accompanying connection can become toxic, detrimental, or outdated for one (or both) parties. This is when it is time to consider severing the bond.

Positive & Negative Cord Connections

We may choose to establish an etheric cord connection with another person for many different reason, and for various lengths of time, depending on the situation. Healthy cords dissolve on their own, but unhealthy cords can remain long after their usefulness has subsided, causing energy to be drained from connected parties. This can happen in a relationship that has ended or in one that is still relevant, but has changed structure. 

When is it Time to Consider Cutting Energetic Cords?

When you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may want to consider an energetic cord cutting to release you from a connection that may not be serving you any longer. 

  • Is your bond making you feel drained?

  • Are you intellectually ready to let go of a relationship, but find it hard to let go of the person?

  • Are you feeling drained by the drama and crises of someone close to you?

  • Are you thinking obsessively about an individual and feeling exhausted and anxious as a result?

  • Do you feel extremely negative emotions when you think of a particular person, are you reliving a traumatic event you experienced with them?

The above are just some of the situations that might indicate that a cord removal will be spiritually and emotionally beneficial to you. 


Making the Cut: Severing the Ties that Bind


The process of cord removal involves three elements:  first you cut, sever, or unplug the cord, next, the severed cord must be taken care of, and finally, the attachment point must be cleansed and/or healed. A Reiki practitioner is particularly helpful in guiding you through the removal, while providing a safe container for you while to sever the bond. After removal, the cord can be tied like an umbilical cord, or sent peacefully back to the other party. In addition, it is extremely beneficial to have a Reiki practitioner with you to help you heal the point where the cord was attached to you after the etheric cord has been cut. 

After You have Cut the Cord 

After this process, you may feel any number of emotions, positive and negative. You may feel a tremendous sense of lightness and relief. You may feel a strong sense of clarity or a deep calm. You may have sudden inexplicable mania. The immediate effects can also be more melancholy. If the bond has been exhausting and draining, you may feel a surge of deep sorrow and regret as the energy disconnects. Separation can be painful as well as liberating. Because this experience can be harrowing, it is helpful to have an energy worker guiding you through the process.

Remember that severing etheric cords does not always signify the end of a relationship, it is simply a way of clearing the dysfunctional energy from the relationship and allowing for a healthier link to be established. On the other hand, cutting an energetic cord can signal the healthy completion of a relationship that has run its course. 

CWS reiki article pic.jpg use with all article postsActually, no, but you do need to be in a receptive space to get the full benefit of this healing power. If you are not, you can unintentionally reflect the Reiki away from you.  Just as if you don’t take the medicine your doctor prescribes, you won’t get the benefits of it, and your healing will be stalled, slowed or may not happen.  But, being receptive can be pretty easy and Reiki only needs a crack, not 100% surrender to get in.  Reiki is unconditional love and divinely intelligent and understands we have fears, doubts and beliefs that challenge us.  The gentle hug reiki gives us helps us to relax and trust that we are not breaking any spiritual laws when we say yes, I need help.   

There are religions that have trouble accepting Reiki as a gift from God and warn their parishioners against it; saying that only God can heal.  I’d like to remind everyone that Reiki practitioners are taught to be a channel of God’s love and the only thing they have to do is let that love flow.  God does the rest.  No matter what religious belief you have, you deserve to be loved and live a life of joy and abundance and Reiki can help make that happen without cutting God out of the picture.  

CWS reiki article pic.jpg use with all article postsWhen we don’t feel well, or have an injury the flow of our energy changes.  That change creates the symptoms we feel. The symptoms yell at us through pain to let us know something is wrong and our body needs attention now.  The pain expresses itself in our physical bodies as in fever, congestion, tumors, and through damage from injuries caused by accidents. It’s often the emotionally like a broken heart, anger and fear or mentally as in confusion and delusions or hallucinations that we don’t always know is part of being cut off from our energy.  Often we feel all three at once because our physical emotional and mental health are intertwined.  Our physical hurts cause emotional and mental reactions as do mental and emotional hurts are also felt in the physical body.  

The change in energy looks like a darkening or graying of your light or lack of light in you.  It can take the form of a block, tangled mess, break or crack in your aura.  For those who have psychic vision or are a medical intuitive may get more detailed information.  They may know the kind of block it is, what caused it and how long it’s been there.  

When we introduce reiki to our problem the reiki energy flows in and begins to soften the block, untangle the mess, or close the break or crack.  It uses our aura and chakras like a surfer ride the waves to get where it needs to go to bring light back into us. It’s the light or universal life force that does the healing.  Reiki also works with the intelligence of our body to remind it of its perfect function.  It removes the things that are blocking our body from doing its job efficiently.  Our body knows what to do and how to heal, but the dense blockages and tangles will interfere with that.  When that happens we need the help of reiki.  Reiki treatments can prevent long term problems from becoming “incurable” because the block will literally starve us of light.  Without the light we cannot heal, grow or be inspired to change.

How does it work?

We all have an electromagnetic field around and through us - it’s called an aura. We also have energy vortexes all over us called chakras.  There are seven major chakras that line up along our spine that do the heavy lifting, and there are hundreds of minor chakras placed at joints, palms of hands, soles of feet.    

We use our aura and chakras to observe the world around us, manage our intake and release of energy, keep our energy in balance and support our physical body.  Without our aura our body will not last.  We also connect with each other and our higher selves and with God.  It’s our aura and chakras that let us know the “vib” in the room, moods and intentions of other, and brings in the light and universal life force we need to sustain ourselves and heal. The reiki energy uses the aura and chakras to enter our bodies and being the healing process.