Coventry Magic Oracle Reading

Today’s reading is about cutting negativity out of yourlife, sending it back to the source, and clearing yourself to move forward.

Is there someone or something working against you? Well,poor them, they messed with a witch. It Sucks to be You, takes negativeenergies and sends them back to the hell they came from. Nip curses, illness,debt, and “crazies” right out of your life and keep them from reappearing.

So someone jinxed you; hexed your finances, love life, orhealth. Don’t despair, uncross yourself! They don’t control your reality, youdo. Burn the Uncrossing candle to remove that mean old curse and protect yourself from future attacks.

Sacred White Sage is cleansing and purifying, send thenegative vibrations far away. Draw on the power of this revered herb. Focus it’smagic on the roadblocks, stress, and damaging influences in your life; watchthem melt away.

As we move into a new season, cut away the gunk, ridyourself of the roadblocks, and negativity that have been holding you back.Prepare yourself for the time of harvest, reap the good!

Have a magical week!


Becca-Candle Wick Shoppe Associate

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Sunday, 24 September 2017