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  • About Candle Wick Shoppe

    About Candle Wick Shoppe

    Welcome to Candle Wick Shoppe!  Located in downtown Ferndale, Michigan, we are so much more than just a candle shop ~ stop in for books, incense, dried herbs, jewelry and more… Come get your Mojo on!

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  • Candle Wick Shoppe Reiki Practice

    Candle Wick Shoppe Reiki Practice

    We are pleased to be able to provide our community with Reiki sessions by qualified Reiki practitioners to heal your body, mind and spirit. 

    Clinics and private sessions are both available -- call us today to make your reservation.

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  • Candle Wick Shoppe Classes

    Candle Wick Shoppe Classes

    Interested in learning Reiki and becoming a practitioner to help family and friends or start a healing business?  We offer Reiki classes and demonstrations several times a year with certified instructor Patty Shaw, Reiki Master.  

    We also are proud to host special events with guest speakers like Jacki Smith and Dorothy Morrison. 

    Please call the Candle Wick Shoppe for more details.

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  •     What is Reiki? The method by which universal light and love joins our own energy to bring healing and balance to our body, emotions, mind and spirit. A reiki practitioner is the channel for reiki energy from spirit to you.       Heals injuries faster and better Relieving stress and grief Builds a new and better life     Reiki is safe for everyone! Yes, Kids and pets too!   We also offer Spiritual Counseling, Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings, Condition work; Conjure, Spiritual Cleansings, Mojo Bags, Spell work.  Disclaimer: We offer our services for entertainment, comfort and guidance. This
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What is your conversion rate?

March Healing MagicHere we are again, talking about prosperity. Which ends up being a discussion on wants, needs, desires and our ability to get all of that into our life. So, what kind of magician are you? Do you launch into action when the fridge is empty, the car is out of gas and payday is 4 days away? Do you go foraging for your prosperity and wonder where will it show up next? Or, are you more methodical and keep a low flame burning on your prosperity altar twenty four-seven for fear your resources will dry up if the candle goes out? One option is less stressful than the other, still, the focus may be too pointed on lack and uncertainty.

Worry and anxiety vacillate between palpable and riding just under the surface. I’m not sure, but it’s possible this is a learned behavior. Are we stressed about money because 99% of the world is? Can we change our perspective and attitude about money and be calm about it? Maybe.


Getting calm about prosperity seems like a bold statement. Is it irresponsible to want to be calm about how we fill our bank accounts and the quality of our life? If we are calm, who will be the warrior when there is an unexpected downturn in our economic picture? When we are faced with a “Who moved my cheese” scenario, we have to decide what kind of magician we are; a forager, a planner or an inventor.


Joel Goldsmith taught me a valuable lesson about prosperity in his book Spiritual Healing. Back in the day it was projected that in 10 years there were not going to be enough horses to accommodate all the people who used horses in business and life. Breeders were heading toward a supply problem. Did the people begin to pray to God to rain horses down on the Great US of A? No, somebody invented the automobile. That is called thinking outside of the box. You see the problem was not the number of horses available, it was how are we going to the work if we don’t have a horse?


All that we need is here, and it’s been here all along.


The question is not whether we have enough money, the question is, how are we going to convert what is out there in the universe into what we need and want in our life. Then the question is, if someone does move our cheese, how will we move on from that and create a new flow of prosperity. Within those soul searching questions is the healing magic. Every time you are faced with a lack, the problem is not sourced in the universe, but in us. What has happened to cause us to be cut off from the flow of life? Even if it appears that someone or something else caused this or did this to us, we are at the heart or core of the problem and we can get ourselves out of it. With help of course. I’m talking about a profound change of perspective, faith, forgiveness and lots of patience. Blaming others for your circumstance is a hard habit to break.


Let’s do some healing magic together.


Your supplies are; paper, pen, Ganesha World magic Candle, Sacred White Sage oil.

The first thing you will need is to identify the problem. Where are you feeling lack? It’s ok if it’s not about the money. Maybe your lack comes in the form of relationships, or fulfilling work or a winning personality. An abundant life is not always about the money. I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating.


Now that you have chosen the problem, write it down on a piece of paper. It’s time for some reflection and taking of inventory. Answer these questions, they are designed to help you discover how you have cut yourself off from your ability to receive.

  1. How long have I had this problem, when did it first show up in my life?

  2. Because of this problem, what do I believe about myself?

  3. Who was the most influential person around this problem? Who most contributed to birthing the awareness of this problem in me? Who was most critical, or discouraging, or help create this belief I have about myself?

  4. How do you feel about yourself when you think of this person and your problem? How do you feel about them?


Let’s release this person or people from your energy. The past is done and you are free to be yourself. Close your eyes and imagine you can see chords between you and the people who have influenced you negatively. Get quieter and go deeper in your awareness of them. Observe where you feel the chords connecting to your body. Dab some Sacred White Sage oil onto the palm of your hand and wave it over your body in those areas, in a motion that goes away from your body. This will loosen the cords. With sincerity, say “I forgive you, I forgive myself and I release you wholly and completely back to you, never to return again.” If you feel you need more support, say, “I give this person over to God and to be placed on the altar of God. I am free of their influence over me.” When you are done take three slow deep cleansing breaths.


Light the Ganesha World Magic Candle. The intention of this candle is to remove obstacles. It is also about being worthy of the goodness in life. Sometimes we get so involved in what other people think and feel about us, we substitute that for the truth. Which is, we are all deserving of love. When we own that we are loved we don’t need to ask if we can be well taken care of. We know we already are. Most of us are still learning and releasing the lie that we are not. It’s this lie that causes most of our abundance problems and we have been carrying it a long time. While the candle is burning, close your eyes and imagine you are floating in a beautiful pond. This is the healing waters I wrote about in DIY Akashic Wisdom. As you float there, release into the water, all the pain you have been carrying with you around “the problem”. Watch as the pain dissolves in the water never to be felt again. As you are releasing, from above, pure white light is flowing into the top of your head. Let it fill you. It will renew you. When you are done take three slow deep cleansing breaths. Take the piece of paper you wrote on and destroy it. Lots of people like to burn the paper. That’s cool with me.


This healing magic exercise was created to help you let go of limiting beliefs about your self- worth and let go of those who cannot see it either. Use it to help you relax, love yourself and open to the abundant flow of life that surrounds you. When we are in fear we curl up into a tight ball and prosperity just rolls off our back. When we trust in the universe and our place in it, we are open and receptive of what we need and want. Be open and blossom like the magnificent being I know you are.

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Our magical products are available at or at your local spiritual supply store. (link to store locator, To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter.